A bomb attack on a bus full of security: 20 dead


At least 20 Revolutionary Guard has been killed in a suicide bombing in the south-eastern part of Iran. The official media of Iran has given information about this.

According to the IRNA News Agency, sources said that 20 other security personnel were injured in the incident.

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Sunni Muslim extremist group Jash al-Adal has taken responsibility for the attack.

The Jash al-Adl group raised weapons in 2012, fighting for the Sunni Muslim rights of Iran. The organization has been accused of discriminating the Shi'ite system of the country's country.

This group has recently attacked various attacks in Sistan-Baluchistan. There is a lot of Sunni Baluchi community in this area.

How did it happen?

The statement said on the side of the south-eastern branch of the Revolutionary Guard – on Wednesday, when one unit was returning from the Pakistani border, at the same time, their bus was exploded in the explosive-powered car.

No statement has been given in the statement

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