Activation of Nepal Police in Human Rights Protection


The Nepal Police is an organization working directly with the general public. The police can get some harsh situation during the strike strike, protest against the control of mobilization and other unwanted activities and implementing the law. Nepal Police has been alerting that human rights should not be lost in the uncomfortable clock of challenge and duty. Nepal Police has been giving special attention to the protection of human rights. Police have taken it as a campaign.

In the context of human rights, Nepal Police has adopted zero tolerance. One of the main topics of Chief Inspector General of Police Surveyendra Khanal is human rights conservation and promotion. In the direction of Police Inspector General of Police, recently a separate strategic plan has been implemented for human rights. For the last time, a separate custody room for women, men and children has been arranged. The police have monitored that there was no violation of human rights by creating various cells. Activity is being done on the one hand by connecting the same sexually equipped camera to the police custody. On the other hand, a female child desk has been set up and has focused on human rights. Nepal Police has created separate courses on human rights. Operating training has focused on the staff's speech, behavior in behavior, and improvement of citizenship. Nepal Police has kept high priority in human rights protection under the community-police partnership concept.

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Nepal Police Central Chief Minister, Information Officer, Superintendent of Police, Suputraj Subedi, says, "Nepal Police has progressed in importance of human rights protection guaranteed by national standards and constitution." The Central spokesperson / Information Officer of Nepal Police, regarding the role and activation of Nepal Police in human rights protection and promotion. For this, we have given special training to the police personnel to teach human rights. Scientific methods have been taught and implemented. We have given high priority to the level of custody and to protect the rights of the prisoners.For these and many other works, organization heads and overall organizations are active.

Police itself is the body to implement law. First of all, the human rights code specified by law, the police should first be treated as exemplary. This also protects human rights from all over the world and leads to ethical pressure. Police Headquarters has established separate human rights branch for human rights protection and promotion.According to Branch Chief Police Superintendent Ganga Pant about the work done by the branch, "Police has been given a separate training for human rights education that human rights should not be resolved during the implementation of the law. Every training includes human rights education. Work has been done in coordination with the National Human Rights Commission and other organizations. "

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