Archive management of citizenship certificate

Specimen of National Identity Card of Nepal with personal and bio data storage capability, to be distributed in near future, unveiled by Government on Saturday, November 25, 2017. Photo: RSS

The District Administration Office here has begun archive management of citizenship certificates, so that the old documents could be accessed in a convenient manner. The Office had begun providing citizenship certificates 52 years back. 

Chief District Officer Guru Datta Dhakal informed that the old files were all packed in pieces of clothes and piled in the store gathering dust. But with the new system of archive management, documents including the citizenship certificates can be accessed easily to deliver prompt service to the needy ones. 

The Office began issuing citizenship certificates with the use of computer seven years back. So, the documents before seven years would be compiled and arranged in systematic manner. 

"The date of the issuance of citizenship certificates will be tracked quickly with digital archive. It helps wipe out the chances of duplication of documents," CDO added. 

The Office has so far issued 219,163 citizenship certificates. (RSS)

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