“Beauty With A Purpose” Miss World FastTrack- Miss Nepal 2018


Following two rounds of careful deliberation; a panel of Miss World Judges, as well as Miss World delegates and staff, selected the project of Miss Nepal as the winner of the Beauty With A Purpose Award from among the 25 videos that were shortlisted.  This is the second win for Miss Nepal tonight, as earlier in the evening she also won the Multimedia Challenge.

The selection process for Beauty With A Purpose was held at the Moulin Rouge Theatre at the Mangrove Tree Resort World in Sanya, China on 3 December.

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Julia Morley, while introducing the 25 videos, explained that this was a most difficult task having to choose from many amazing BWAP Projects.  The Chair and CEO for Miss World also congratulated all the delegates and complemented them on the amazing work they are doing in their home countries.

The 25 projects that were shortlisted are: 

Barbados — Amputations due to diabetes

Brazil — Depression & Suicide

Chile — Social Integration program

China PR — Education

Cook Islands — Mental Health Awareness

Guyana — Childhood trauma

Indonesia — Village – water, sanitation & agriculture

Italy — Giving love and helping disadvantaged

Jamaica — Promoting healthy lifestyle

Japan — Syphilis

Kenya — HIV, widow cleansing

Lebanon — SOS Children's Home, was an orphan herself

Malaysia — Program to install computers in schools

Mexico — Indigenous people & poverty

Mongolia — TB

Myanmar — Education is important, renovated a school

Nepal — Designs & builds health centre for remote village

New Zealand — Sexual abuse in children

Panama — Albinism

Russia — Working with orphans, was an orphan herself

Rwanda – Malnutrition

Scotland — Suicide Awareness

Singapore — Raise awareness for underprivileged and elderly people that do not receive medical care

Trinidad & Tobago — Education – new school

Vietnam — Provides water for remote village

It was a very difficult selection process as many of the videos received teary eyed viewing and caused heartwarming expressions of interest from the group who were no doubt impressed with the humanitarian efforts of the Miss World delegates. In fact, after the viewing, the theatre lights came on and at that moment you could tell the sniffs were not generated by the chill of the AC, but rather, the emotional reaction caused from watching the powerful, heart touching videos.

In a Miss World first, four projects resulted in a tie as fourth place went to Mexico and Vietnam. The second place was tied between New Zealand and Indonesia. The other top place earners were: Chile, Indonesia, Jamaica, Kenya, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, New Zealand, Panama, Trinidad & Tobago and Vietnam.

Miss World is not only the biggest stage in pageantry, but since 1972, Julia Morley's introduction of ‘Beauty With A Purpose’ has become the impetus for global humanitarianism. The Miss World Chairman and CEO, was inspired by the rhetorical question of a good Samaritan…caring for homeless children in Singapore; “Isn’t it better to light one candle in the dark than not to see at all?”

With that one fateful encounter, Beauty With A Purpose was born and quickly distinguished Miss World, making us a platform for community involvement and a conglomerate for beauty that goes beyond skin deep. Since then, the impact of this life changing Miss World mission has touched countless lives in over 130 countries worldwide.

This is why every year at Miss World, each delegate takes utmost pride in showing us a glimpse of the hard work she is doing in her home country – to make a difference.  As a significant part of the competition, and definitely the most coveted Miss World FastTrack title; contestants present a video, documenting their BWAP project.

In some of the most tear-jerking cinematography you will ever have the privilege of viewing, these videos reveal young women being and effecting the change our world so desperately needs.

The work of Beauty With A Purpose cannot be explained in words, and in some cases the videos don’t even express fully their reach and impact. However, we feel it is important for fans and supporters of Miss World to have some knowledge of the power and reach of BWAP…which is why we have taken the bold step of premiering our Miss World Docu-series.

If you would like to support Beauty With A Purpose, we invite you to visit http://www.missworld.com and for a small contribution of – $1.00 per episode or $1.99 to view all the episodes – you could watch these touching docu-series. 

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