Celebrating Bibaha Panchmi Festival in janakpur


According to the mythological tradition, Lord Sitaram Marriage Panchmi Festival is celebrated on Janakpurdham Wednesday (today). In the remembrance of the day of Janak's daughter Sita, Maitali people have celebrated it as a special festival.

Millions of devotees have come here this time to attend the festival. In the meantime, the devotees have been worshiping the Janaki Temple and this morning at the present at the museum. This time, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath will be engaged in the birth of India from Ayodhya. Chief Minister Yogi Lucknow has a special program to attend the Janakpurdham Festival in a special aircraft.

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Even though there is no involvement in the goddess of the Maithly festival, Sita is a daughter-in-law, even the presence of invisible presence may have been attended by the arrival of the children.

According to the Maithali culture, the ceremony of Ram Sita from Rama Temple and Janaki temple was kept in a dolly furnished dynasty during the wedding festival and the wedding rites are brought to the temple of Jani after the examination method itself. Similarly, because of the fact that the Goddess Dola, Shola Bhayatra, who came out on the occasion, participated in the occasion, the festival feels blessed by experiencing divine marriage.

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