Celebrating the 6th Day of Democracy


Today, the 96th democracy day is being celebrated in the remembrance of the day that Rana Madhasan's death anniversary of a 400-year-old democracy was restored in the country. There was not only democracy restoration in the country, but the foundation of federal republican government has been established today. Variations in history have been inspired from Fengun 7. Today, it is not possible to give birth to the citizens of the universal people from the people and from the people. Although stakeholders are dissatisfied with the history and significance of this day limited to the narrow speech itself.

They say that the importance of day is not exposed till the institution is fully implemented by the establishment of democracy. Apart from some shortcomings, achievements achieved by Nepal are important. After the transformation of the 2007-year-old change, the public has become an important achievement after achieving the constitution itself. The long-term conflict between the year, the constitution of the people, and the public of the people, democracy is available after the establishment. With the stability of political stability, the country has started building a strong foundation, including the beginning of federalism, the beginning of federalism. There are no topics related to conflict-related issues, including corruption, and control of corruption. The leaders of the democracy should not only celebrate the democracy for a day, but it is also necessary to evaluate the martyrs' sacrifice for democracy. People have been able to realize federal republic by democracy in the democracy of the democracy. Despite the lack of adequate infrastructure, the government has come up with the challenge and implemented the implementation of the constitution, despite the difficulties in implementing federalism. The two-thirds of the government formed after the last year's election is going to move forward by moving political consensus. Meanwhile, the 59th day of democracy in the day of democracy being established today is celebrating various programs across the country.
The government has been celebrating the celebration of democracy in the country with the ceremonial ceremony on February 5. On the occasion of the start of various diversity programs from Nepal, Nepal Army is now organizing a formal program at the Military Forum Tendikhel. There are presence of senior officials including President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Pradhaniya Mishra, Speaker at the program. Congratulations on the occasion of the 9th Day of Democracy Day, President Vidyabhani Bhandari has said that he has achieved unprecedented achievements during the establishment of democracy and institutionalization. He said that the federal democratic republic was the return of the Nepali people's struggle. Similarly, Vice President Nand Bahadur again urged the parties, political parties and all stakeholders to pursue peace, sustainable development and economic prosperity. He said that ending political transition, the country is moving towards the path of sustainable peace, sustainable development and economic prosperity, adding that it should be all forwarded towards building prosperous Nepal by strengthening nationalism, national unity, geographical integrity, independence and Nepal independence. Similarly, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said that Nepal's desire for development and prosperity has now reached the point of view. Since the country has increased in prosperity, Nepal's desire for development and prosperity has been in progress since now. The present government is mentioned in the auspicious message of prosperous Nepal, centered for economic and social transformation with the goal of Sukhi Nepalese. It is said in the best news, we are now focusing on poverty, unemployment, persecution, discrimination, and famine. Prime Minister Oli said in the message. We continue to pursue the full democracy of economic development and social justice.
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