Chennai Super Kings again Top of the table in IPL 2018



MS Dhoni, the winning captain, says: "I didn't want him to change his plans, basically. At times, even the best like Bravo, need advice. What's important is you make mistakes and you learn. At lot of times we have these debates, but a lot of times, when you make mistakes, the bowlers understand what we were talking about. I think the wickets have become better compared to the first few years of the IPL. The batsmen are bigger and stronger. I think we need to give credit to the batsmen and the bowlers are also constantly improving. But as we progress towards the knockouts, you will see the bowlers come up with new plans, and getting the big scores won't be so easy. What's important is to give these guys (Deepak Chahar and Shardul Thakur) some time. I want them to do well. Yes, there have been errors, but they will come back strong. Rayudu has been fantastic. One of the questions was where do we play him? And I have seen him bat up the order at No. 3. Whenever he plays the big shots, he maintains shape, which is very important. He can bat at all numbers, but I'd prefer to see him opening, where he looks very dangerous."

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CSK reclaim their position atop the table. Much has been said of the composition of their squad, but they keep finding heroes each time they play. And it's a whole lot of guys that have stepped up at various junctures and not an over-reliance on one or two guys, which should augur well.

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