‘Chief Minister Agriculture Programme’ into action


The 'Chief Minister Agriculture Programme' has come into operation in the Sudurpaschim Province. 
Among the key initiatives under the programme are subsidy on agriculture inputs and equipments, construction of cold stores and aid for small irrigation. 
The province government has devised a plan to implement the programme in all 88 local levels of the province with the slogan 'Changed agriculture system, weather-friendly crops, soil-friendly production and production-friendly market'. 
A budget of Rs 190 million has been appropriated for the implementation of the programme this year. 
Nilakantha Pokharel, Spokesperson at Ministry of Land Management, Agriculture and Cooperative, shared that work procedure is being formulated to execute agriculture inputs and equipments grant and construction of cold stores as part of the programme. 
He also informed that small irrigation programme has already been on implementation through agriculture knowledge centre. Under the small irrigation programme, support package will be provided to the farmers in installing shallow tube well. 
Likewise, there is a plan to construct cold stores in Kailali, Kanchanpur, Doti, Dadeldhura and Baitadi districts on private public partnership model. Similarly, preparation is on to distribute agriculture inputs and equipments to farmers of all nine districts of the province on fifty percent subsidy. 
In the current fiscal, the ministry has arranged distribution of wheat seeds to farmers, cooperatives and farmers' groups on 50 percent subsidy through National Seed Company Limited. The ministry has also initiated a process to distribute seeds of sugarcane and paddy to the farmers. 
Over 75,000 saplings of apple, pear and grave, among others are being distributed to farmers in seven mountainous districts of the province under the 'One House, Five Fruits Plants Distribution Programme'.(RSS)

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