Chitwan Elephant Festival is on Dec 26


  15th of Chitwan Elephant Festival is sure to be held in Pu. Preparation has been made to organize the festival from December 26 to 30.

Suman Ghimire, coordinator of the 15th Chitwan Elephant Festival 2075, said the preparations for the festival being held at Regional Hotel Association Nepal, Chitwan. The Festival will be held at Sauraha for the intermediate community forest.

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Tourists in Sauraha are now less time consuming. He said that the festival started to bring tourists to the occasion of the festival. "There is a continuity of the festival that will be every year," he says, "We have been celebrating bringing this opportunity to bring foreigners and foreign tourists visiting Nepal."

Ghimire, the coordinator of the festival, said that in the festival of society, protection and prosperity, a slogan will be less affordable. He said that the incident took place after the animal rights activists started saying that the elephant would be tortured in the festival. He told that the incident would be removed if the elephant race was organized in the festival. He said that the animals should not be worried about the program.

Coordinator Ghimire told that this festival will be present on the occasion of Elephant's Vessel, fast speech contest, football of elephants, elephant polo, elephant beauty competition, poetic seminar and national and local artist. This year, different elephant elephants will be participated in the same elephant for football and polo used. He said that 20 elephants, four teams in polo, four teams in football, and five elephants will be participated in the fast-breaking tournament.

Coordinator Ghimire told the continuity of the festival for promoting Pirton promotion with conservation. The first vice president of the Federation, and the spokesperson of the Association, Deepak Bhattarai, said that the elephant safari was identified in the festival. He said that European travelers are less than elephant Safari and Nepali, Indian and Chinese are more interested in.

"It is for the elephants to come to the elephant," he says. Therefore, the festival has started making the elephant a center. "The United Elephant, co-operative president, Rishi Tiwari, said that the elephant was training to participate in other activities with Safari. He said that the elephants are being felicitated, to destroy money, to throw them on basketball posts. 55 elephants associated with Sauraha businessmen are affiliated with cooperatives.

He said that three elephants are not affiliated with the cooperative. The co-operative has prepared to implement the fee of elephant safari in Saharaha. Chairman, Tiwari, said that for the 1250 rupees, SAARC countries for Nepal, and Rs. "The connection between tourism of the elephants and Chitwan is deeper," he said, adding that there is no greater significance of elephant safari due to lack of zip safari.

Preparation of a conservation poet, 'Chitwan Poetry Tour' is being organized in this year's festival. Ghimire, a coordinator, will coordinate 25 poets across the country, on the occasion, to highlight the tourist attraction through literature. He said that the memorandum of participation and literature in the seminar would be promoted through the festival.

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