Explore Idea organized ‘MERO KHARKHANA, exploring the entrepreneur within you’


An intercollege competition was held in Global College Of Management, Mid-Baneshwor on 2nd feburary,2019. Explore Idea is a small constructive platform created by students of Global College Of Management and have been conducting a round table talk every month within college premises for widening our knowledge and presenting our views on ongoing activities and burning issues of the world. For fostering our program, we are planning to conduct a competitive program “Mero Karkhana-Exploring the entrepreneur within you” which we believe will help to enhance the entrepreneurship skills of the students.

The day long program on 19th Magh was conducted at Seminar Hall, Global College of Management. The students of Global College of Management and other various colleges took part in the program. We were planning to conduct a competition which will provide a productive platform to students where they will be able to share their ideas about various products, acquire knowledge about marketing, learn to cope various business problems and develop the entrepreneurship skills within them. The event includes three competitive activities:

  1. New product Development (NPD),
  2.  Marketing and
  3.  Case analysis.
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Dr. Bimal koirala the previous chief secretary of Nepal was there as the chief guest. He gave a very inspirational speech on the program. He said that Nepalese youth these days are just attracted toward foreign land instead of working in their own motherland. Nepal has lot of potential if will be able to give our best. Instead of focusing in political issues we should we should work for improving our economic condition. He further added that the person who can bring changes in our country is we ourselves. If we initiate taking actions then the results will be far better than just talking about developing our country.

Many outstanding musical and dance performance were given by the students of Global College Of Management between the program. Token of love were given to our guest, chief guest, sponsors, former members of Explore Idea club and judges.

Lastly, our judges Mr. Rupesh Shrestha, Ms.Loonibha Manandar, Ms. Rauniyar Shrestha choose the winning groups. St. Lawrence college secured 3rd position, Kathmandu World School got 2nd position and Global College Of Management became 1st. A student of Ambition College and Premier College got the title of best presenter female and male category respectively. The winners got cash prize of 20,000, 15,000, 5,000 for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd respectively. They also got medals, trophies, certificate and scholarship from Gurukul CA. the two best presenters got a round ticket to Pokhara by Yeti Airlines, trophies and certificate. The results were announced by one of our judge Rauniyar Shrestha.


In a sum, the program ended successfully. The mass of audience were showing a great enthusiasm  toward the program. The new ideas presented by the participants were very innovative which there is no

Lack of creative and competitive entrepreneurs in Nepal.

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