Fingerprint certified service from now on to the police headquarters


For the various purposes, the fingerprint asking for the Embassy has now been certified from the Police Office. Earlier, the Nepal Police spokesman, Attraj Subedi, informed that the Anthathhap, who was certified from the Central Police Law Methodology Laboratory, Akhshasi, was now certified from the police office.

He said that the certification was started from the last week. Earlier, the embassy should have to come to the police office to prove the fingerprint request and take recommendations from here and again to go to the ailment of laboratory.

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Now, that conflicts have been removed from the same branch and certified branches of the Police Head Office.

Maintaining visa renovation, subject to the driver's permission of foreign workers, the subject of the certificate of certificates, students who have long lived in any country, have been certified various tasks for the driver's permission of foreign citizens and visa renovation and work.

Therefore, the spokesperson Subedi said that the specialist team, who was appointed under the leadership of the Police Inspector, proved to be comfortable service to the service providers. The police office has been issued for certifying 4-5 fingerprints daily.

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