FNJ to demonstrate for the protection of freedom of the press


The Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) is to organise demonstrations in all the seven states including in the Kathmandu Valley on November 24, calling for an end to impunity and for taking action against those involved in the killing of journalists and in incidents of violation of the press freedom.

FNJ, the umbrella organization of all journalists throughout the country, will organize the demonstration coinciding with the International Day against Impunity on November 24, in support of protection of press freedom and an end to impunity, the FNJ stated today.

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As per the records with FNJ, 37 journalists have been killed by various sides since the start of the armed conflict in 2052 till present. Five journalists are missing.

FNJ stated that action has been taken against those accused of killing five among the 37 journalists who were killed during this period and the victim’s side has been imparted justice while four vases were in the judicial process.

According to FNJ, the legal action regarding the remaining journalists has not still moved ahead in an effective manner. The status of the five missing journalists is not known even now and the victim’s families have not got justice.

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