Gautam Buddha International Airport has more than 4 billion rupees


Gautam Buddha has spent the budget allocated in the last year for the last year, the government has sanctioned additional budget. The Ministry of Finance has been providing 4 billion budget for the project.

According to the Ministry, four billion rupees have been informed for distributing the claim of the project from two titles.

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Gautam Buddha demanded additional 8 billion rupees by the international airport due to the appropriation budget in the last year. For the acquisition of land for the airport, demanding that amount was sent by the proposal to the Ministry.

The project, which has got 5 billion rupees for land acquisition for the last year, has spent all the money in seven months till now.

The total project worth Rs 23 billion has been disbursed by the project till date, 14 billion has been disbursed. The Chief Admission Officer informed that the project has been asked for further budget due to the purpose of distributing all compensation till the next two hours of the airport.

On the other hand, if the international airport operates on the other hand, if the locals who have landed the land will not face compensation, it is not as an excuse. The officer said to the flat, "We want to give all the compensation till Asar as far as possible."

For the 228 Vigilance Land Acquisition, the Civil Aviation Authority had started the process two years ago. Exemption distribution was started from the previous year.

Additional land acquisition has been acquired for the first extension of the land for the expansion of the airport at second round.

The work of this land acquisition would not affect the expansion of the current expansion. The land is already being expanded. In the second phase, the acquisition proposal was sanctioned for the construction of additional buildings for terminal building, drying and other infrastructure.

In the first phase, extension work could be increased to $ 8 billion.

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