Government in now Looking for Drug Traders after Gold


Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa Badal has instructed the security agencies to reach the proceedings of drug trade.

Home Minister Badal said while applying the use of drugs in the discussion related to drug addiction in the Home Ministry, Home Minister Badal said, "Do not control drugs, make plans to prohibit drugs.

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He pointed out that it was necessary to control it in time, due to the abuse of family relationships and going to the disaster condition.
He said, 'Now listening to the smugglers' trap, just like reaching the trap of gold trafficking and bringing them to action.

He also directed to bring awareness programs and  regarding drug control.
According to the Police Control Bureau of Police, only the control of its own was not possible, all Nepal Police and other security agencies also directed it to actively to solve this one.

Home Minister Badal has directed the drugs carrier are not only to fill the law but also to get international workers, local agencies arrested.

He also directed the government to increase the surveillance of the report.

Home Secretary Prem Kumar Rai, Home Minister's Advisor, Surya Prakash Subedi, 'Pathic', Inspector General of Nepal Police, Sewendra Khanal, Inspector General of Armed Police Force, Shailendra Khanal, Head of the National Research Department, Dilip Regmi, was also present at the presence of Chief Police Officer General Police, Thulay Rai for drug control.

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