Government will spend a half seven billion rupees for distributing identity cards

Specimen of National Identity Card of Nepal with personal and bio data storage capability, to be distributed in near future, unveiled by Government on Saturday, November 25, 2017. Photo: RSS

The government will spend the amount needed for distributing national identity cards from its own sources. For this, the national identity card and the registration department for seven billion rupees worth Rs.

In the budget statement of twenty 2075/076, the program will be expanded in 15 districts according to the policy to distribute national identity cards to all citizens within five years. But the department has started implementing a plan to distribute national identity cards in all districts within three years.

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Director General of the Department Deepak Kafle informed that the expenditure on distributing national identity cards will be the Nepal government's self-determination, informed today in the meeting of Representative Assembly, Governance and Good Governance Committee.

According to the introduction of national identity cards to all Nepalese citizens through annual policy and program of the year 2066/067, it started. After this, the work of distributing identity cards to the employees of the office in Singharbar with the citizens of Panchthar district was ahead.

Currently, 60 thousand national identity cards have been printed, distribution of biometric information of 80 thousand citizens of Panchthar district and the distribution work has started and three thousand employees have been employed in Singharbar and seven thousand details have been collected.

In Article 51 of the Constitution, there is provision of provision of integrated National Identity Management Information System and arrangements for citizens to collect all kinds of information and details at once.

The National Identity Management Center was established on 20th of December, under the Ministry of Home Affairs.

According to the National Center for Registration and Registration of the Department, the foundation of the Central and Central Registration Department has been established under the Ministry of Home, At the meeting, General Director Kafle urged the MP to ensure the security of national identity system.

He said, 'Three-fold security has been arranged. The print paper is only within Singarbar. The Chief Minister of the Information Store and the Secretary of the Council of Ministers, Home Secretary, National Identification and Directorate of the Department, is in the Director General.

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