Hydro power PPA Now ‘Take or pay’


The Electricity Authority has decided to pay (take or pay) even if he does not consume electricity produced by the private sector. The Board of Directors of the Authority on Tuesday has made this decision.

Earlier the Authority had compromised the use of pay only (Take and Pay) used. According to the decision, this facility will be available for 15000 MW by next 10 years (2085). The 'Take and Pay' Agreement, which has already been between the Authority and the Private Sector Promoters, will now be transformed into 'Take and pay.'

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Authority of Electricity and Power Purchase (PPA) for the Take and Pay was shown by the Authority, showing that the power should not be utilized and consumed from the other private sector and other private sector and its own projects. There is no guarantee of electricity generated in such PPA. Bank and financial institutions do not invest because electricity is not guaranteed. Only to protect promotional production license (the license) was forced to take 'Take and Pay' PPA.
The white paper issued by the Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation was annually in the white paper issued on August 10, aimed at producing 15,000 MW of electricity. The Minister of Energy has expanded the quantity of re-pp. As per the chairmanship of the authority committee meeting to implement the decision mentioned in the white paper.

According to the decision, now the total target (15 thousand MW) will be 35%, namely, five thousand two hundred and fifty MW river runways (PP) in 'Take or Replace' (Take Around). Similarly, 35 percent reservoirs (5250 MW) and 30 percent (4500 MW) will be semi-polluted (PROR).

Likewise, the meeting has decided to request the government to propose the amount to be taken by the government due to lack of additional deficit due to the 'Tech Arrow' provision instead of 'Tech and Pay'. So far, the government (Council of Ministers) has approved the announcement of 10 thousand production in 10 years. With the approval of the government, the Authority had changed PPAs in 'Tech and Pay' into 'Tech and Pay'. Nepal government is conducting research if there is any additional deficit due to the review in PPA policy. The Council has decided to imitate the decision on PPS on Monday.

The government with the power of electricity has been buying electricity from the private sector of 45 billion rupees a year.

Authorities have given special emphasis on the evening production (PROR) project to address the problem of electricity production but demand for electricity in terms of energy efficiency. The meeting has decided to make PPA of Hydropower Project as PROR (Picking Energy) instead of river flow (ROOR) till appropriate for construction of PRRO hydropower project for technical reasons.

The decision to obtain the necessary amendment to the PPA by obtaining the permission of the Nepal Government is to be promoted as PROR for the remaining river-flowing hydropower project, which has been the PPA, but has started construction of the main structure.

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