India warns the closure of three rivers given to Pakistan


New Delhi: After the terrorist attack in India, India has announced to shut down three rivers of water to Pakistan. Central Union of India Neiten Gadkari has given such information on Thursday.

Under the Indus Water Treaty, India was providing water to Vyas, Ravi and Satlaj river to Pakistan. He said that now the water will be flowed in the river of Punjab and Jammu in India.

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Gadkari told that the project has started working at Rahi river in Shahpur-Kandi of Jammu Kashmir. Similarly, in the help of the project, the water supply of Ravi river in Jammu and Kashmir will flow in other states.

Earlier, in a program organized on Tuesday, Minister Gadkari said, "India and Pakistan agreed to use three rivers of water after the country partition."

Under this agreement, the water of three rivers in the part of India was going to Pakistan. He informed that three projects have been started in the river and the water collected there will be provided to Panjab and residents of Jammu and Kashmir. This is the statement that the water flow will increase in the Yamuna River.

After attacking Pulwa, Indian citizens have been demanding to teach lessons to Pakistan. At this time, Gadkari has announced to close the river to Pakistan.

There was a Indus Water Treaty between India and Pakistan in 1960. The deal was for river river, Ravi and Sutalj, which was flowing eastward. Under the said agreement, India receives 3 million acres of water, while Pakistan gets 80 million acres of water. From this, Pakistan finds more water than India.

Earlier, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had warned Pakistan to stop the water. He said that after the attack, water and blood could not flow together.

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