India will launch work to bring water to Nepalese border, Prime Minister will inaugurate


India has started construction of new project by coming to Gandhak river through water supply to Nepalese border.

India's Siping, Water Resources and River Development Minister Nitin Gadkari has inaugurated the project to bring water reservoir from Patigha to Patigh on Monday.

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The Ministry of Shipping has said that the project has been started to transport goods to the Nepalese border from Haldia ports to transport goods.

4 Terminals will be made from Gaighat to Bagramabad to bring water to contain container container upto 1,000 tonnes. India plans to spend 13 million Indian rupees and run water reservoirs for the next year.

Minister Gadkari said that Nepal will take a lot of benefits from the project rehabilitation of the year's energy, water resources and irrigation minister. In the meeting held in New Delhi on Monday, Gadkari requested that construction of water traffic route from Haldia to Narayani river and two countries border Trivianghat will be completed within a year as it would be beneficial.

Nepalese officials have said that the water supply in Narayani river will be worthwhile after the work started by India to bring water reservoir to the adjoining borders of Nepalese border.

"The use of water reservoirs in Nepal is now taking momentum, we will now study to bring the ship from the extravagance of India to Dushanbe," Coordinator of the committee formed to study the waterway, said Secretary-General Madhav Belwaisee, "Sitemap with Indian side in March will also be a place of study in different places."

According to him, team of Indian technology is coming to Kathmandu for further study and discussion of running water reservoirs in Kosi and Gandaki.

It has been decided that discussions will be held on March 3 to 9, "Belaways said," How can the Gandhari bail and sell water? "There will be discussions between officials of both countries.

Belaways will now start studying a Nepali terminal around Susta.

According to him, the Panjhajj office will start its pace after the start of the work.

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli is inaugurating Nepal Water Supply Office on Thursday.

Physical infrastructure and Secretary of Transport Ministry Madhusudan Adhikari informed that the office of Panjajjas in Akantak of Lalitpur, office.

'In the office, the Secretary-General will be Registrar. The registrar is not yet assigned but the other employees start working, "secretary said.

During the visit to Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli in the past, India had to make Nepal accessible to the sea to transport cargo through the waterways.

For this, two Prime Minister directed the concerned officer to do the homework to add waterways to the trade and transport agreement between the two countries.

Nepal formed the committee by holding the Joint Joint Committee on Water and Energy, Jethth's third-day water and energy commission, with representatives of energy and irrigation, physical infrastructure and traffic, industry commerce and supply and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In the committee, Gopal Sigdel, Pratyanaj Aryal, Rajraj Bhatt, Rita Datal Rameshwar are the best members.

Nepal now uses Haldia port of Calcutta to make the same arrangements from third countries.

Koshi river of Miss Halia-Banaras water is found in Katiya. Katihar, located in Bihar, is about 150 miles [150 km] from the Nepali border. Similarly, Narayani river is near near Patna and is found in the Ganges.

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