Kings XI won by 6 wickets (with 8 balls remaining)


RR 152/9 (20 Overs) | KXIP 155/4 (18.4 Overs)

"We didn't play for some time, we didn't get points over the last two weeks and we were nervous. But thankfully we have a couple of points now," R Ashwin says. "We have some chinks in our armour. This win, we were tested. One of our batters stayed through to the end so pretty happy with that. Most of our wins have been set up by the bowlers and that's been pleasing. We know one department is firing on all cylinders. We can play Indian seamers and we can get a foreign batter. The thing is many of our Indian batsmen are inexperienced and they'll get better. I came in with an open mind as captain, I just wanted to gauge the team and get the best of them. Mostly a captain's job is setting the field and shuffling the bowlers and planning the right batting order. Bowlers will keep getting hit in T20s. The ones who get hit this game will help me win the next" 

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Rahul was on 41 when he cut the ball to backward point and Samson dived forward to take what most thought was a one-handed screamer. But the on-field officials took it to the third umpire with the soft signal not out and replays suggested the ball might possibly have grazed the turf before Samson plucked it up. Warne thought it was out. Rahane thought it was out. If Rahul had fallen then, Kings XI might not have made it.

keptn: "I think this was a perfect example of the fact that converting 1s into 2s continuously makes a lot of difference" —- 13 in the Kings XI innings, nine of them to Rahul. And all this on a tiny tiny ground!


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