Mumbai all out in 87 in chase of 119


Sunrises Hyderabad managed to pull off the second-lowest sucessful defence in the IPL.

In this Match Rashid Khan was man of the Match.

Rashid Khan: First of all thanks to mighty Allah for such a performance after a few bad games. It was needed for me. I learnt a lot of things and had a good chat with the coaching staff – Moody, Murali, Laxman – and I just relaxed and enjoyed myself. And it brought me success. Murali told that whatever happens you have to be relaxed and be calm and do the basics right. This game is all about enjoyment. Credit to how the management have kept us whether we win or lose.

Williamson: Clearly a touch surface. Without a doubt we were expecting a lot more from ourselves with the bat. Set out that if we had 140, we'd have enough runs. Turns out 120 was enough. It is good fun, T20, so much is happening so quickly. All together it was a fantastic second half for us. Once again, we haven't been able to put a collective performance together. There is depth in our squad which is important. A number of injuries, a change in balance. But the best part of it was how the guys were engaged in the second half. 


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S Kaul: Feeling great to do this when your teams needs it, in the crisis team. My domestic team went really well and I got into the India A team and the India team as well and it feels good when you get to that level. Bhuvi is there, before that Ashish Nehra was there and I learn a lot from them because they were champs in the IPL and international cricket as well. It really helped me.


Rohit Sharma: Got ourselves to blame. 118 on any wicket, we should have been able to get that. We just weren't there. Very happy with how the bowlers bowled. Our batters let us down again. There are so many things I want to talk about, but I don't want to pinpoint. We won't drop our heads. We needed to show some intent but we didn't. It was always going to be tough, the shot-making wasn't going to be easy, but they kept us guessing all the time. A few of us played bad shots including myself.

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