Police attested three people for attacking with Knife


Sunsari: 24 April, Three people have been arrested in connection with the accusation of 21-year-old Sujan Khadka of Baglung and 21-year-old Pradip Sapkota, of Kavre Dhulikhel -12, who were injured in the same place in the Bishal Chowk of Dharan sub-municipality-15, police said.

Police has arrested 34 years Kumar Limbu of Aath Rai Village-1, same village wada No-4 resident 15 years old Bigyan Limbu and 18 years old Dilip Rai of Dharan-15.

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Dilip was attested after search, who was immediately absconded after incident , Kumar and Bigyan found themselves in control of police in the same place as Bzhogra community.

In this regard the police are doing the necessary research.

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