Police Clearance Reports could be received by e-mail from now


The Nepal Police will provide a Clerance certificate on the basis of the following procedures to provide indigenous and foreign citizens with four certificates available for various purposes. Certificate is Issued from, Police Headquarters, or RaniPakhri, Maharajgunj, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, No. 1. State Police Office, Biratnagar, 3rd No. State Police Office, Hetauda, ​​4th no. State Police Office, Pokhara, Federal Police Unit, Nepalgunj and 7 No. State Police Office, the Federal Police Unit Office, Dhangadi sub-Police stations will be able to provide the form for PCR or it could be obtained by downloading from the form given below link. The applicant will be able to fill this way.

PCR Link

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In the case of People who are in Nepal has to submit form in respective braches. In the request form, the postal ticket of Rupees 10 will be requested within the prescribed time. Registration of applicants in time will be sent on the same day to check the criminal's criminal records. After verification of the records after the records are received, the relevant certificate will be dispatched to the corresponding registration centers, and the applicants themselves will be present to understand the certificates after getting the relevant documents. Certificates can be obtained within 3 days of the request.

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