Premier League:Everton and Watford 2-2 goal


In the England Premier League football, Everton and Watford have scored 2-2 goals in a row. Watsford played equals with Everton playing in the same field on Monday. When Doucors scored for Watsford, Simon Goleman of a goal Everton after a suicide attack, Watford got a gift.

For Everton, Richardson and Lucas dragged goals.

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In the 15th minute of the game, Richardson had forwarded Everton to goal. Wattford made a 1-1 goal when Everton made a goal in the first half of the game in the 63th minute of the game.

In the 65th minute of the game, Doucors scored Watford 2-1 goals. In addition to the game, Lucas scored Everton with 2-2 goals.

Equally, Everton has a score of 16 points from 16 games, while 24 points from Everton's 16 games.

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