Price of Petrol, diesel and Kerosene decreased


The government has reduced the price of petrol, diesel and Kerosene Member of the corporation committee, Abraband Agarwal, informed that the effect of 2/2 rupees per liter due to effect from 12 am on Sunday.

According to a new list of Indian Oil Corporation sent on Sunday, Nepal Oil Corporation has accumulated the value of petroleum products. According to the new price, petrol will be bought at Rs 112. Similar price diesel has fallen to 99 rupees.

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The Corporation has kept the value of air fuel and cooking gas exactly.

The adjustment after this adjustment is Rs 12.32 per liter in the petrol and also diesel by 15.71 rupees in the price range towards Birgunj of Nepal than Raxul.

According to the spokesperson of the corporation, Birendra Goet said that the corporation has already lost 3 billion 84 million rupees in the next year. In the meantime, the corporation did not raise the prices after the request of the Nepal government and the concerned Parliamentary Committee to hold the price of petroleum products during the time of procurement.

Now the Corporation has a profit of Rs 11.44 per liter on the petrol. The diesel is 5.81 rupees. There is a loss of 284.83 rupees per cylinders. On the whole, the corporation will be around 56 Corer 58 Lakhs in next 15 days.

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