Private schools run without approval


Bardibas, Nov. 30 : A large number of private schools have been running classes without any formal approval from the administration in almost all 15 local levels in Mahottari districts.
More than 100 private schools are supposed to have run in the district without taking permission, coordinator of district education coordination committee Suresh Prasad Singh said.
According to the chief of district education coordination unit Satrudhan Yadav, such schools should be managed from the concerned local levels as the new constitution has given the rights to the concerned local government for the operation and management of the schools.
Administrative Officer of Education Unit at Bardibas Municipality Ganesh Dahal said that 15 institutional schools out of total 37 ones were found running without taking permission in the municipality during the monitoring.
He shared 10 schools were found running classes of higher level than their approval while five other schools have not even followed the basic process needed for running a school.

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