The Rastriya Janata Party (RJP) has officially informed that it withdrew support to the government from today. 

As the RJP lawmakers left their seats as protest in the House of Representative meeting immediately after the commencement of the meeting, Speaker Krishna Bahadur Mahara allowed RJP leader Mahendra Yadav to put forth his views. 

In the HoR meeting, lawmaker Yadav said his party officially withdrew its support to the government because the government failed to heed the commitment it had made to the party. 

"We had extended support to the government as it committed to addressing party agenda as of peace, stability, good governance and Madhes issues, but the assurance continued avoiding address. The government said it would provide treatment to those injured in Madhes agitation and cancel the 'false case' against protestors, but failed to do it," he reminded, adding that RJP made the decision to stop extending support to government after it ignored the RJP's genuine demands relating to citizenship and national problems. 

He questioned what government's perspective towards federalism and constitution was. Although the agreement with free Madhes alliance was positive, some points in it were against Nepal's integrity and independence. Government must come up with clear views on it, leader Yadav said, warning, "We don't accept any issues against country's sovereignty and independence." 

According to leader Yadav, the government trend of seeing genuine issues of Madhesi and ethnicities as divisive demand must come to an end. As he said, the RJP was for country's independence and integrity. But, we no longer support the government as it grossly ignored the issues of identity and rights. 

Moreover, the leader also warned that until the report of the Madhes agitation probe commission is not made public, his party would not allow the HoR run its business. 

Following this, Speaker Mahara responded that his attention was drawn seriously on the issues leader Yadav raised. Then, the Speaker immediately directed the government to furnish response to it. (RSS)

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