Siphon Cleaner started in Gandak West Canal


The 32 km long Nepal Gandak West Canal consist of 15 siphons from 20 m to 60 m. This year we decided to clean all unfortunately the labor was not available as the local labor considered it as a dirty job to go inside the siphons. We decided to attract them to work inside siphon by designing and developing a simple conveyor which was inserted inside the siphon. This has reduced almost 80% of the labor force. Now we are working to convert it to automatic siphon cleaner by connecting mud collector at the head. Hopefully the next year work will be automatic siphon cleaner.

Interested volunteer researcher are invited to identify the reason behind accumulation of this (huge) volume of silt inside siphon which are considered to be hydraulically designed for no silt deposition.

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-Tikaram Baral

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