Today’s dream of Resham chawdhary in jail


Respected Resham chawdhary, who was imprisoned for the contractor, was accused of being accused of being the chief accused of the incident of the Tikapur incident.
Parliament spokeswoman Rathath Pandey informed that Chaudthari's support program has been decided. According to him, Honorable Krishna Bahadur Mahara will give Chaudhary 11th in the morning and will provide confidentiality to the Parliament.
Chawdhary is currently in Dilibazar prison. The District Court Kailali was prosecuted as the main accused of the incident of the Tikapur. He was elected from Kailali 1 after he was contesting.

After winning the election, he requested the Supreme Court to seek the certificate. However, after the Supreme Court dismissed the ritual, he had surrendered to the court.
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