Traffic Update Kathmandu


Due to increasing the number of vehicles, the vehicles running Kalanki, Koteshwar, Nagasthan, Newgate, Bhotiati, Jammal, Keshmarmah, Lanchaur, are currently underway. Traffic police have been trying to facilitate traffic in the arbitrary place. Apart from this, the vehicles in other places of the valley have to be stopped shortly during traffic management. According to the traffic control system operating on the normal basis, the construction of various roads in the valley and outskirts of the valley.

Seven persons have been injured when a Tata Sumo accident occurred in Sunkoshi village of 3, Sindhuli. The injured were sent to Dhulakhhel Hospital for further treatment after the general treatment on the local hospital's trust. One of the injured is critical. Today, Tata Sumo of No. 1 J 6 71, which came from Okhaldhunga to Kathmandu on 12th in the afternoon, was accidentally hit the road. The local police has taken control of the Tata Sumo driver.

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Today, one woman has been injured by a car accident in Lumbini's cultural municipality of Rupandehi. The 65-year-old Tairuna Nisa was injured. She is under treatment at the Bhairahwa Medical College. Today, at 1:00 pm, Ba 12 cha 8363 number has hit. The local police has taken control of the car.


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