Trump chief of staff John Kelly to leave White House job


Washington: US President Donald Trump says his 'Chuff of Staff' will leave the job till the end of this year. Speaking to the President at the White House, Tramp gave information about Janel Janel's departure from his responsibility in a few days.President Trump has thanked Kelly as the best man to thank Kelly. "He had been in a different role for me for nearly two years," said Trump.

He also announced that the successor of Kelly will be announced in a few days. Last month, the Reuters news agency quoted the source as saying that the possibility of coming to Vice President Staff Nick Aires, Mike Pains's Vice President, is a role in the role of Chuff of Staff.

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The details that Kelly had been constantly pressured to leave her position for a few days had been public. Trump had previously appointed Kelly by removing the Rhinestone prince from the Chuff of Staff at the end of 2017. He was given the responsibility because the information was being asked to be disciplined in administration within the army.

Although he claimed that he had succeeded in that stated objective, the information was not fully canceled. Trump has now released 28 posts from the President's office after the US President. Most of them were ticked out by Trump and some had resigned themselves.

Similarly, Trump has nominated his military adviser, General Mark Mulai, Army Chief.

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