United Arab Emirates: Record of Discussion on Civil Aviation


The U.S. Department of State is pleased to make available the Record of Discussion between the United States and the United Arab Emirates setting out the understanding on Open Skies announced by Secretary Pompeo on May 14. Memorializing high-level political commitments by both governments, the Record of Discussion affirms their strong commitment to maintain the U.S-UAE Air Transport Agreement of 2002, all rights and obligations of which remain in force, and expresses their sincere desire to maintain the many benefits that Agreement has created.

Separately, the UAE government informed the U.S. government that its air carriers have no current plans to make any changes to the Fifth Freedom services that they operate in accordance with that Agreement, stipulating that nothing in their communication amends or otherwise changes the 2002 Agreement or any rights therein.

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We welcome this positive outcome for the strong and multi-faceted bilateral relationship between the United States and the United Arab Emirates and reaffirm that the Department of State will continue to ensure our Open Skies policy benefits U.S. stakeholders as intended.


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