Uranium kills locals people with cancer


Makwanpur: Two minerals were found in Uranium mines in Dhiyal situated in the Bakaya village-2 of Eastern Makwanpur. The villagers are excited after being found in the village's precious uranium mine.

They expected that the village would grow. However, the uranium mine has become the cause of the disease. Local cancer and other people who are suffering from eating water, have been killed due to deadly diseases. After long time the mining has not been started, they have asked the government to transfer their settlement.

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Dhansal-based Kalpani, Chand, Tribe and Mardhadar area in Chitwan are affected by the radiation of the uranium. According to Kanima Maya Sanyan of Kalapani, according to 12 local people due to cancer due to irradiated water. "There is no alternative to drinking water, many people have lost their lives due to drinking water from the mountains," he said, "the government has not done anything till now. Instead, we would have been moved from here.

    Dhansal-based Kalpani, Chand, Tribe and Mardhadar area in Chitwan are affected by the radiation of the uranium.

Local Lal Bahadur Sangean said that drinking water from the minerals and taking place in the body will be swept away. Sangtan, who lost his family due to polluted water, said that there was no rest in this place. He said that the person died due to water due to the water, "he said." Not only is the man's forest forest too well, "he said. There is no forest in the other places, even though there is huge forest in the forest.

In the Kalpani Pediatricians, the students of the museum are also forced to eat water that is flowing from the mountainous mines. There has been no research yet on the impact of the local health sector. Local health worker Prakash Kaushgaragar said that the water here is not harmful for health but also lack of drinking water.

Veerman Bal said that Bikaner village-2, Dhananal, is taking initiative to move the residents of the mining area to a safe place. "The local government is not only the only thing that can be done," he said. "We have not given any interest in the concerned body, but he has not given much interest." Baakiya village president Damodar Khanal said that the villagers were taking necessary steps to transfer the settlement. "We take initiative to quarrel on the other side of the bases," he said. There are about 100 families living in it.

The government has not officially tested the mining procession for the long run of mining. But Berceini Desi Vedic Researchers have come here for uranium research. For the first time, in the supervision of Professor Devitutt Poudel, Professor of Tribhuvan University Physics Department, Arjun Pathak discovered that there was a uranium as a semi-oxide in the civil area of ​​Makwanpur. The uranium is the radioactive metal with the highest atomic weight. 238 This metallic load is due to a limited age due to the radiation of radioactive radiation.

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