What is MSG to make Fast food testy ? This does effected our body


Medieval cultures have also become attractive to tasteful restaurants or at the hotel's ready-prepared foods. Most people have made Sukhakhin of fast-food saying that home-made lazy and outsiders are not comparable. But mono sodium glutamate, which is used to make it healthy for those outside, is affecting our body as a slope poison. Most people may not know mono sodium glutamate (MSG) loss.

What is MSG?

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Mono sodium is a substance made in the factory to add flavor to glutamate. Choucheau is used in spice, pizza, chips, canned, soup and processed meat. Currently, Food Security related institutions around the world start using MSG as a hazardous speech for human health, because most of the people have started writing packets out of the packages as 'No Adjusted MSG'. Although they have MSG mosaic for their taste in their products.

The effect of using MSG –

The use of MSG has been 30 years since the start. At this time, the number of diabetes patients in the world has increased by 30 times. Also, its use causes kidneys in the whole world.

MSG is like anxiety. Once you eat, you feel like eating. Consumption of MSG affects the amount of insulin in the body. The light of the eye is affected and may affect your retina. Heart rate increases as well as chances of heart disease. The possibility of obesity increases.

MSG also influences the neurons of our body. Alzheimers may also have brain diseases like Parkinson. Consumption of MSG can also be sterilized because its use affects the fetus to provide food to the baby in the womb. This does not make the development of the grid.

Blood pressure increases and also increases the risk of heart disease. Headaches may cause problems.

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